With more than 20 years in Human Resources, Dana McGlynn’s extensive experience demonstrates her commitment to driving results and facilitating growth within organizations. As a dedicated leader, she prioritizes empowering employees and fostering a culture of motivation and fulfillment. Focused on an approach centered around advocating for individuals, Dana also strives to maintain a balance between both people and organizational needs through the application of strategic objectives. Thanks to her expertise and people-centric approach, Dana is adept at delivering solutions to optimize the potential of all employees, ultimately contributing to the overall success of the company.

Dana’s deep appreciation for hard work and her profound respect for blue-collar workers stems from her upbringing in rural Wisconsin where she developed a deep respect for the value of labor and the importance of supporting individuals contributing to the backbone of the communications industry. After transitioning from government agency HR to the telecom construction industry, Dana feels that she discovered a sense of belonging and truly appreciates every day she is able to merge her expertise in HR with an industry that resonates with her upbringing and values. Dana continues to be exceptional leader and advocate for employees at every level and is a prime example of our employees living our values.


An experienced Human Resources professional dedicated to prioritizing the empowerment and motivation of employees.
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