Capabilities & Services

Driven by 'operators serving operators' we bring a unique perspective to true end-to-end network services and solutions
We are a full-service communications infrastructure services provider focused on engineering, construction, and maintenance in connection with the deployment, expansion, and upgrade of new and existing critical communications networks.


Our skilled workforce network planning and engineering services in connection with the deployment of fiber optic infrastructure to major telecommunications carriers, as well as all levels of government (municipal, state and federal).
  • Fiber Activation & Testing
  • System Setup
  • System Hardening for VOIP / New Technologies
  • Fiber Blowing
  • Microduct Fiber Installation
  • Storm Damage Repair and Restoration
  • Maintenance
  • New Build
  • Fiber Replacement & Splicing
  • 24-hour Emergency Call Out


Our portfolio of companies have decades of experience constructing underground plant in the cable and telecom space. We have constructed thousands of miles of coax, HFC, conduit and fiber for residential and commercial projects.
  • Underground Trenching
  • Plowing
  • Missile and Directional Boring
  • Project Management
  • Splicing, Walkout and Design
  • System Sweep and Certification
  • Emergency Fiber Restoration


Our seasoned aerial line crews utilize modern line tools, cable placing equipment, and a fleet of late-model bucket trucks primed to construct quality telecommunications networks. Our project managers have the extensive experience needed to ensure our work is performed professionally, cost-effectively, and with safety-conscious construction techniques. The support staff provides documentation for all work performed, meeting specifications and design requirements to ensure accurate, cost-effective installations.
  • OSP/ISP Fiber & Coax cabling
  • Node Facilities
  • Hub-Site Location
  • FTTX Deployment
  • Copper/Coax Cable Systems
  • MAN/WAN Deployment
  • Distributed Antenna Systems
  • Wireless Mesh Networks
  • Cable and Strand Placement
  • Cable Overlash, Delash and Relash
  • Fiber and Coaxial splicing
  • Network equipment placement
  • Coaxial network Sweep & Balance
  • Wreck Outs
  • Pole Transfers
  • Project Management


We deliver end-to-end underground and aerial coaxial cable construction and maintenance.
  • Coaxial Activation & Testing
  • FTTx Construction
  • Cell Tower Back Haul Construction
  • Full Documentation and Matrix Engineering of Construction and Testing
  • Storm Damage Repair and Restoration
  • Maintenance
  • New Build
  • Cable Replacement & Splicing
  • 24-hour Emergency Call Out


We provide aerial and underground outside plant design engineering services for telecommunication and utility companies. In addition, FCFP offers network planning and engineering services in connection with the deployment of fiber optic infrastructure to major telecommunications carriers, as well as all levels of government (municipal, state and federal).
  • Engineering & Design of Fiber Optic Networks
  • Inside plant engineering
  • Outside plant engineering & construction project management
  • FTTx Engineering, Design and Permitting
  • LiDAR and walkout surveying
  • Intelligent transportation systems engineering
  • Construction request for proposal development
  • Land and easement acquisition
  • Network electronics design and implementation
  • Route planning


Builing end-to-end communications infrastructure through exceptional service


  • Field Surveys
  • As-Built Walkout
  • New Build Walkout
  • RF Engineering
  • Network Engineering
  • Zoning & Permitting Approvals
  • WiFiAccess Point Assessments
  • Project Closeout and Certification


  • FTTx Deployment
  • OSP Cabling
  • Copper/Coax Cable Systems
  • Joint Trench Systems
  • Right-of-Way
  • Cabling/Plowing
  • Directional Boring
  • Trenching
  • Micro Trenching
  • Rail Plow


  • OSP/ISP Fiber
  • Node Facilities
  • Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS)
  • Hub-Site Location
  • FTTx Deployment
  • OSP Cabling
  • Copper/Coax Cable Systems
  • MAN/WAN Deployment
  • Wireless Mesh Networks

splicing & activation

  • Fiber Optic Fusion Splicing and Termination
  • Emergency Restoration
  • Testing and Characterization
  • ORL/CMD and PMD

ISP Design & Construction

we connect you

Connecting the external infrastructure of our clients to the interior network of their customer we provide “turnkey” structured cabling design, installation and logistical support for multi-dwelling, multi-unit, business, enterprise and data centers across the east coast. Collaboratively 40 years has combined exceptional people, technology and assets to deliver on our promise of quality and reliability.


Create structured cabling solution that meet the needs of today and the future for new and existing facilities.

structured cabling

We provide complete voice and data cabling solutions. Delivering the highest quality service and support throughout the installation process.
Connecting external infrastructure to end user peripherals, from IoT devices and security cameras to computers and wireless access devices.

document & certify

As-built providing complete documentation of cable pathways and locations, as well as labeling of patch panels and faceplates.
All installations are fully test and certified using the latest technologies and most highly trained technicians.

Project Management

Our talented team has the knowledge to manage your network, no matter how big or small


Our client centric approach delivers a seamless experience for our clients. We provide end-to-end support throughout each phase of any project – from planning to implementation and turn up of infrastructure. Our advanced technologies and highly trained people drive success and ensure we are on the right track from the start.


Regardless of project size we have the flexibility and talent to achieve on time and at budget. We understand the distinct challenges faced by our customers and can offer services that are on time, help reduce operating costs, increase ROI, and allow you to focus on the business.


We provide a seamless/integrated approach supported from beginning to end by experienced, dedicated people. Supporting clients from the planning phase, through implementation and turn up of their network infrastructure.
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